Losing money out of your windows?

One of the greatest benefits of window coverings is the ability to regulate a room’s temperature. A well-insulated window can reduce energy consumption as it relies less on air conditioning or heating to control the temperature of the room.

Did you know you can save up to 43%* on your heating costs with Luxaflex® Duette® Architella® Shades through the Winter months and up to 60%^ on your cooling costs through Summer using a Luxaflex Evo Awning?

At the forefront of innovative design, Luxaflex Duette Shades are specifically engineered to provide both beauty and energy efficiency at the window. The unique honeycomb structure of these shades creates a layer of energy saving insulation as it traps air in its distinct pockets, keeping the home warm in winter, cool in summer and comfortable all year round!

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Duette Architella Shades R-values~

A product’s “R-value” is a measurement of its ability to resist heat flow. In a home during winter, R-values indicate the ability of walls, roofs and windows to keep the heat inside. The higher its R-value, the more insulation a product provides. A fully-recessed, reveal-mounted Duette Architella Shade can increase the R-value of a 3mm single glazed window from 0.13 to 0.78, reducing the heat transfer through that window by 65%.

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In order to achieve optimal thermal efficiency in your home, your window treatments must be raised and lowered at the right time of day. Opting for motorised blinds and awnings with timers or sensors can be a convenient solution, as they can be set to automatically adjust their position throughout the day.


With Luxaflex PowerView Motorisation your blinds can be operated with the touch of a button or tap of a mobile device or tablet. Additionally, with the PowerView App you can also quickly create customised ‘Scenes’ or schedules to control your blinds all at once or in any combination you desire. Easily schedule those Scenes to move your shades automatically at a set time of your choosing, or simply coordinate with Sunrise and Sunset.

Combine external awnings, internal blinds and home automation systems for the best result year-round.

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Colour also comes into play when thinking about the energy efficiency of your window coverings. White, for example, has the highest reflectance and glare, while black has the lowest reflectance and glare. If you have a hot west facing room, having a light colour facing the outside will reflect more heat and keep the room cooler and more comfortable.


This reduces the load on your air conditioner and in turn keeps your energy costs down. But colour lovers shouldn’t worry, this doesn’t mean you will be limited for choice when selecting fabrics for your internal blinds. Certain products such as Luxaflex Duette Shades are available in fabrics which appear white from the exterior and coloured on the interior. This is particularly useful when having to comply with strata regulations which require a consistent external white appearance.

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* Savings are based on the installation of fully-recessed, reveal-mounted Duette Architella Shades with 20mm blockout fabric in an average home in Sydney, compared with the House Energy Rating standard of Holland Blinds from AccuRate, in that home. These calculations have been modelled by an independent third party. Savings will vary based on the window type and installation. ^ Based on information from NABERS (National Australian Built Environment Rating System). Visit www.nabers.com.au for more information.

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